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People Need Jesus: Not Sharp Words and Insults

The editor of Roby' Right Corner was humbled today while reading the article posted by Rick Irving - on Was The Word blog titled PEACE AND THE PROPHETIC GIFT. Pastor Rick posted an article that was written by John P… »


I meet a lot of young prophetic people in different places around the world. They are gifted men and women who can discern God’s voice, and I often hear them say similar things: “If the church would just do t… »

“Overcoming fear with faith and trust in God”

As mere mortals, we like to think we have everything all figured out when it comes to life. We spend hours making schedules, budgets and plans only to see many of them blow up in an instant when a major crisis strikes. A… »

How Involved Is God in the Details of Your Life?

Why does God give us more details about Joseph’s life than any other individual in Genesis? Genesis has an interesting structure. It zooms over the creation account like a rocket (about 3% of the book), soars over… »

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Shayn Roby: Kids Need Jesus

Although the case of Maxwell Marion Morton, the Jeannette, Pennsylvania teen who allegedly killed classmate Ryan Mangen and posed for a Snapchat selfie with Mangen’s body will no doubt be the latest opportunit… »